Religion or Relationship

A bright sunrise peers through rows of endless trees in a forest.

Why “Religion or Relationship”? The Bible tells us that the Pharisees – who were the religious leaders during the time of Jesus – were lovers of money and that they justified themselves before men, even though God knows the heart. Their religion was a system based on righteousness-by-works, as if […]

Perhaps Today!

A business man stands in freedom and worship on the shores of the ocean.

Why “Perhaps Today”? The concept behind the name of this online community (Perhaps Today) stems from a long history in Christianity. In this lesson, author and speaker Daniel T. Adams takes an expedition into God’s Word in order to explore such a concept ad explain why this name was chosen […]

A Hope Beyond

A broken chain shows the freedom that can be found when we know How to Find Hope In A Hopeless World

Why “A Hope Beyond?” In a time of unprecedented change in our world, it is very easy to loom in the shadows of hopelessness. Are you getting swallowed up by the fear of our current, global crisis? Or perhaps you or a loved one are facing isolation, sickness, or even […]