The Belt of Truth

A young child and an adult are both set on fire. A large Bible pouring down cool water and a large cell phone, pouring down more fire, stand before them. The young child walks towards the Bible as the adult walks towards the cell phone. This picture represents the concept of truth for the "Belt of Truth" Bible Speed Art.

Stay tuned for the “Belt of Truth” blog recap of the Bible Speed Art video and picture. If you have any questions, or are in need of prayer, please contact us and let us know how we can better serve you. Thanks and God bless.


Joy Fruit of the Spirit Bible Speed Art Video by Perhaps Today

PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING If I’m being honest with myself, I believe the word “joy” has gotten severely watered-down over the years. Most people probably equate the word with Christmas. Many more most likely put the word equal to happiness. However, when looking at the 2nd to last part of the […]


A young boy is in a peaceful sleep in a Bible as a snake, a wolf, and a woodsman close in on him.

PEACE BE WITH YOU From the moment you were conceived in this life, your battles startled. The chaos of life began for you. So how does peace play into that kind of existence? Peace might be a word that we use quite often, yet do we really understand what it […]


A man is trapped in an hourglass, on the beach as minions keep pouring more sand into the top of the hourglass. However, the man is focused on the sunrise on the horizon.

When we think of patience, we often think about telling somebody to wait. “Be patient,” a parent might tell a child. And this is how we typically think of this word. However, when it comes to God, patience is far deeper than just telling someone to wait. So what does […]


A young boy stands on top of a hill holding a Bible open for a woman down on a road below. The road is cracked, destroyed, and full of fire.

How do you show kindness to someone? What does it mean to be kind? In this 5th video in the 9-part video series on the Fruit of the Spirit, digital artist Daniel T. Adams tackles that very question. While watching the “Kindness” picture being created in this Bible Speed Art […]


Goodness. A man is on a ladder painting a scene from night into day, from light into darkness.

GOOGLE OR GOD? THE DEFINER OF GOODNESS. What is goodness? Where do we go to define such a term? As parents we tell our kids to “be good”, but what does that mean? Where do we define such a term? In this day and age we are so quick to […]


A young child uses his faith in the Word of God to follow the path of his life while a masked man tries to offer a malicious, free balloon ride.

What does God think about faith? More importantly, how does God see your faithfulness? These question are the focus of this third video in the Fruit of The Spirit, Bible Speed Art video series by Perhaps Today. If you have not yet seen the Bible Speed Art videos for Self-Control […]


A woman sits on a park bench in the rain, holding her Bible as a city is being destroyed behind her.

What is gentleness? And what does it mean to live a gentle life? Part 2 of the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Speed Art series aims to answer those questions. Don’t delay any longer, this expedition into God’s Word is ready to begin, and we’re glad you’re along for the […]