A man tries to restrain his evil clone into a suitcase as an old steam engine train races past the train station.

Do you struggle with having self-control in your life? Do you even know what self-control truly is? Watch this Bible Speed Art Video from Daniel T. Adams of Perhaps Today and see what it’s all about. This surreal photography picture takes an interesting look into self-control, not by man’s standards, […]

Facing Fears

A young boy stands facing fears (symbolized by a dragon) in a dark, dingy place. The boy is holding a sword that is ablaze with fire.

THE FACING FEARS ORIGIN STORY This Facing Fears picture is a project of love for me. Last year, when my son Jack turned 8 years old I made him a surreal photograph for his birthday titled “Set Apart for the Gospel“. I wanted to create something that would be eye-catching […]

House of Cards

House of Cards

Is the foundation of your life strong and steadfast, able to withstand any storm? Or do you find yourself swaying and toppling at the slightest of winds and rains? This question is the engine behind the purpose of this Bible Speed Art project titled, House of Cards. Wisdom or Foolishness […]

Does It Make Cents?

A young man carries the weight of a large penny through an open field on a hot day.

In today’s Speed Art video release, we are diving deeper into the picture than just mere digital artistry. This latest video takes a plunge into the heartbeat that inspired this picture. The Story Behind the Art There’s an old saying that says “art imitates life”. Such could not be more […]