House of Cards

House of Cards

House of Cards

The Wise and Foolish Builders

Digital Art Lesson, Lessons, Video Lessons December 20, 2020

Is the foundation of your life strong and steadfast, able to withstand any storm? Or do you find yourself swaying and toppling at the slightest of winds and rains? This question is the engine behind the purpose of this Bible Speed Art project titled, House of Cards.

Wisdom or Foolishness

The idea for the House of Cards photograph stems back to the Bible; to Matthew 7:24-29 to be more exact. This seemingly small, 5 verse section of the Bible is packed full of a wealth of information. It was therefore very difficult to condense the lesson to a 15-minute segment, but we managed to do well with it. As Jesus is wrapping up his great sermon to the masses at hand, he ends with a very basic notion: Now that you have heard my words, its time to make a choice to either put the words into practice or not. Jesus spent a great deal of time speaking about the kingdom of God, however many still chose to remain loyal to the kingdom of man. Holding to the teachings of heaven is wise and true and leads to eternal life. Clinging to one’s own desires and agendas is foolish and leads to destruction and death. If you notice in the final version of the picture, the photograph depicts two characters, one standing on a house of cards and the other sitting in the protection and safety of God’s Word. If you look closely, you will notice that both of the characters are essentially pictures of the exact same man…Daniel T. Adams. This was done on purpose, and not because there was nobody else who could stand in. Rather, this was done to reveal that each individual must make a choice. I have to choose which of the two builders I will be. And you must make the choice for yourself as well.

Take a honest look into your heart today. Ask yourself what kind of house have you been building in your life. Do you believe that you can do it all by yourself? That you are the only true supreme ruler of your life? Watch today’s video post. More importantly, listen to the content of the video. Perhaps today is the day that your inner man comes to life, living and breathing the very heart of God through His word.

Perhaps today.

What is Bible Speed Art?

At the beginning of the year, author and speaker Daniel T. Adams launched the Perhaps Today website, an online expedition into the Word of God through sermons and lessons.  During this time, he also began to grow as a digital artist and found that he had a passion and love for bringing storytelling to the world of surreal photography. It was until November of 2020 that Daniel decided to create a surreal photograph called “Does It Make Cents?” in order to tell the story of a very impactful moment in his life. Excited about the idea, he deiced to chronicle the entire process, from production to post-production, and release a narrated speed art video that shows the process of creating the picture while at the same time, sharing the story from his past. It was in the release of that video that the Bible Speed Art idea was born. Now, Daniel has combined his love of sharing the Bible with the thrill ride of digital artistry and creating, what he is calling, Bible Art. If you haven’t yet seen the first of the Bible Art videos, please make sure to watch this video.

Contact Perhaps Today

If you are struggling with something in life and are ready to find the freedom that only Jesus can offer, please contact Perhaps Today. Send us an email and let us know how we can serve you through prayer. You are not in this life alone, no matter how dark the storms might seem at times. Please reach out to us today, we are here for you.
If there is someone you know who you think can benefit from this lesson, please share this Bible Art video with them. God’s Word was meant to be shared. Freely you’ve been given, so freely give.


House of Cards

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