"Food For the Soul"

Perhaps Today Bible Sermons That Will Keep You Well Fed

At Perhaps Today we have a love and adoration for God's Word. The Bible is not just a book, but rather the very heart and breath of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17 NIV). We believe in the importance of studying the Bible. However,we believe that God intended for His words to be applied, not just learned. Knowledge is not power, but faith through actions is. So at Perhaps Today, we have begun recording Bible Sermons (among other studies) so that we can be encouraged and inspired to take God's Word off the shelf and put it to work in our every day life.

On the Sermons page, you will find sermons of all kinds. Audio sermons and video sermons alike. This page will archive each sermon as we begin to create them. Storing the Perhaps Today sermons will allow you to keep up with all the studies on your own schedule and at your convenience. If one of the sermons encourages your heart, please leave a comment for us. Also, please feel free to share these recordings with your family and friends as you see fit.

Thanks for visiting the Perhaps Today sermons page. Enjoy and God bless.